How an original Stoneware Sculpture of  your pet is created...

 1st it must be decided do you want a whimsical, comical style of sculpture?
Possibly a specific breed but custom painted in your pets colors?

Showing more the funny personality of your pet?

Or something with more detail yet still whimsical.

With a favorite toy?

a specific position, expression &a toy?

Prices start at $95 (+ shipping) for specific whymsical breed type, painted in your pets colors.

(if coloration of your pet is more detailed, such as merle, brindle, many spots or ticking, additional cost may be involved) These can also be placed on a wood base.
Or would you like a Tribute Sculpture...
Base size was about 13 inches x 8 inches
(prices start at $250, something similar to Melba, approx $500 depending on time involved)

 Melba Toast How her Tribute sculpture was created...

It all starts with an idea...& raw (unfired) Stoneware clay.
click on clay to see the stages.

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