Limited Edition Originals

"Reflecting 75 Years..." of excellence in Bassets.
2010 was the 75th anniversary of the Basset Hound Club of America
This is a very Limited Edition of only 15.

This is my tribute to the BHCA's 75 years of striving to bring out the best in the breed I love most. Thru education, responsible breeding,
competition & most of all a deep love for these stubborn, funny, drooling(& yes sometimes smelly) Bassets that own our hearts.
In creating this sculpture, I chose Conformation, Field trials, Obedience, Tracking & Agility to showcase some of what our hounds can
excel in, with only these activities in mind. But when painting them, I went thru my many Basset hound books & found Bassets who not excelled
in their field, but showed some of the best qualities the BHCA has strived for...
I'm not listing who they are (or were) can you guess?
"Reflecting 75 Years" is available to order for $350. + shipping

Basset Hound Series

The 1st in every edition is donated to
       Basset Hound Club of America's National Specialty Raffle.
Each Edition is limited to only 50 , created in Clanimalzoo's own cold cast porcelain .
They are individually hand finished, numbered & signed by the artist,
then placed on a Oak base, designed specifically for the edition.
 Each one in this series is available for
$195. each + shipping... unless otherwise listed (while they last) 

"G'Morning Mommy!"  2014


 "Puppy Love...?"   2007

You thought one Basset just isn't enough.
The old Girl would just love a couple of youngsters to play with...
Wouldn't She?  Well they DO seem to really like her...

"Basset Tag" 2006


Basset Tag... Your It!   One Basset has the prize... another is close on his heels and
the Cheerleader Basset is howling encouragement's enthusiastically!
Bassets DO know how to have a good time...

 "Welcome Home!" 2005


The Bassets wait eagerly by the door when you come home...
To show you how helpful they have been.
They’ve sorted the mail, fluffed the pillows, saved you money
by unplugging a few of those pesky lamp cords...

 "A Heap of Hounds" 2004


Everyday as I sit in my studio, I’m surrounded by at least 5 Bassets.
It fascinates me to see how many positions these hounds can sleep in.
 But my favorite is the “Heap of Hounds”.
The “kids” seem to have no problem using each other as a pillow, in the never ending search...
for a comfortable nap.

 "Basset Landscaping"

It's a beautiful day & the Bassets are busy helping to improve (??)
the value of their food-slaves property... Fertilizing, digging to help with the planting,
 pruning the bushes & making sure the flowers smell just right...

Bassets truly are a multi-talented breed.

"Basset Dam"  (front & back shown) 2002


“Basset Etiquette, rule#1:

The space of at least 1 ft., around alpha basset, is not to be entered,
without said Basset’s permission...” (Even if they are blocking the only way outside.)
Get Mom to fix it!

"Gettin' Comfy" 2001


It used to be your Favorite chair... now it's theirs!
 Oh well the floor isn't so bad...

"A Chorus of Angels"  2000


There is a "Chorus of Angels"
howling in joy when they see the ones they love... again.
Patiently waiting to cross the Rainbow bridge together.

"Midnight Snack"  1999
$250.00 + shipping

“It’s late, the food slaves are in bed, but not to worry ......
the Bassets can find their own Midnight Snack.....”

"Ready for Bed!" 1998 (8"x6")
(sold out)


Ready for Bed”
is especially close to my heart,
because the scene it is showing, is one I see “live” every night.
Very few things are better, than a bed full of warm cuddly Bassets!  

"House-Broken"   1997

This sculpture is taken from real life with Hounds.
They are so good at amusing themselves.
Gives being house-broken... whole new meaning!

"Bassets In The Wild"
Ltd. Ed. 1996 (8"x5")


                            “Bassets in the Wild” is one of those images that came to me in the night,
& It woke me up laughing. It’s really hard to imagine our couch potato Bassets ever fending for themselves...

"Basset Lounger" 1995
the 1st in the series
(Sold Out)



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