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This special edition of 3 Sculptures depicting some of the important stages of Basset rescue was created for GABR & introduced at their annual Basset Ball. The first called  "Get On Board"  was introduced in 2006. #1 in the very limited edition of 50  was sold  for $3200 at the auction. The rest of the edition was offered at $350 each that evening, with a portion of the sales going to GABR to help the homeless Bassets.

The very few remaining in each edition are now available to the public for $350.00 each. 

The Bassets of GABR have rescued a number of homeless Bassets.
As they go on down the road, they come across two more sad and homeless friends
 who will be taken care of  by their new "Guardian Angels".


"Waddle ON" introduced at GABR's 2007 Basset Ball fundraiser depicted the 10th anniversary of the Illinois Waddle.
#1 in the edition sold for $3500 at auction.


This year the Bassets of GABR celebrate their 10th anniversary Waddle! They are proud to do their part to help promote Basset rescue.
And if putting up with all the adoration, compliments and pets from the waddle watchers is what it takes... They will WADDLE ON!!
(Or be carried, driven or pulled in a wagon)

"WADDLE ON" 2007

"The Good Life" introduced this year as the last in the GABR series. #1 sold for $5000.00 at the Basset Ball auction.

The Good life ... at last. A new forever-home with everything a GABR rescue Basset could hope for.
Tough beginnings... Wonderful endings!
"The Good Life" 2008


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