Creating a "Tribute Sculpture" (or spirit sculpture)


All original Clanimalzoo sculptures start with High-fire Stoneware or Porcelain clay.

    Look for your favorite photo's of your pet doing or in the position you would like. If possible, good side, front & back photos will help a lot. Especially when it comes to the finish painting. If coat colors or patterns are unusual I need photos of what will show in the sculpture.
My example is the beautiful "Melba Toast" (ATB) that was commissioned as a gift for Melba's foodslave.
I was given wonderful photos to work from. Those who knew Melba sent me stories & told me of items that would add to the meaning of the sculpture.
These were the photo's that I felt showed her personality & inspired me.

1st photos of Rough Clay images:

I email photos as I progress, so you can see & together we can make changes if needed.
The process takes at least 8 weeks. I love detail & detail takes time but adds so much to the story
of the sculpture I'm creating.

Here I have added the pearl necklace she wore.

At first I thought the hat was looped ribbons. 
When I received a closer photo of the hat I realized it was made to look like petals... so I redid it.

I was told she liked to travel, & was given a photo of a book she was in.
I tucked in the pockets some of her hats that I saw in the photos I received. She also was know to eat pansies,
so we decided to pace them in a dish. I was asked to include a sign, a medical bag & a shell.

(pg still in process)

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