Clanimalzoo's History...
 or so I've been told...

Hi, I'm the Clanimalzoo keeper (but I think they keep me.)
This all started many moons ago, (30yrs.) in a land of innocence (my basement).
 While being held captive in the dungeons of my home,
(for crimes I committed in a previous life, ......or so I was told?) I began to long for friendship.....
a smiling face and a silly attitude ..... anything to lighten and brighten my day.
And there in the midst was something wondrous, magical and full of promise.....
a bag of stoneware Clay, and then I knew, I could make my own friends!!
So clay in hand, I began to shape a universe I could understand (or at least, laugh at),
it was one that was happy, silly and mostly harmless. And so it began..... and then my house started filling up.
Every where you looked, Clanimals were abounding... smiling, laughing and doing silly things.....
And then my Husband said "Go forth and sell them" And so I did and it was good....
We traveled around the U.S. for many, many years, doing an exuberant number of art shows*.
I met many happy people who gave my Clanimals wonderful homes! And over the years, adopted more!
Soon the demand for the Clanimals became more than I could create, individually.
And thus began the Limited Edition line of Clanimals.....
Each of the Clanimals is an original design created by the keeper (J. L. Helfferich),
 with help from the resident Clanimals ( Boo, Buttercup, Rufus, and many others ).

       The Ltd. edition Clanimals are hand-cast in cold-cast stoneware and porcelain,
and then hand finished with love and care, by "the artist"
( the Clanimal keeper's other title ).
The are "one of a kind" originals, hand sculptured from a "gob"*
of high-Kiln fired ( hot, hot, HOT! ) stoneware clay..... each an individual treasure. ( and well trained too, sort of..... )

*a Clanimal technical term, meaning gob, smaller Clanimals are made from "gobulettes" (small gobs of clay ).

* Better known shows we exhibited at:


Basset Hounds

Basset Hound Series
 Buttercup the Basset 

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