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Basset Specialty Sculptures  

Buttercup and Boofus Bassets

"Basset Lounger" sold out
"Bassets in the Wild"


"Ready for Bed"
sold out
"Midnight Snack"
"A Chorus of Angels"

"Getting Comfy"
"A Basset Dam" 
"Basset Landscaping"

"A Heap of Hounds"

"Welcome Home!"

"Puppy Love!"
"G'Mornin Mommy!"

"Reflecting 75 Years"

"Senior Summertime"
"Waiting For Seconds"
"Out for a Stroll"   
"Bathing Beauties" 

"Bassie Ross" 


"Crabby Abby"                             "Will WAKE for FOOD"          

"Someone say COOKIE?!"              "Looky what I Found!"

"Pretty Please?"    "Stealth Basset"   "She's Soo Purdy!" 

"The Big Itch"
       "Good Book!"        "Evening Chew"                 

"Down & Done"
     "I'm Starvin' "      "Mmm...My Bone!"  

"On the Move.."
     "On the Trail"      "What Remote?"   

"Over & Out!"                           "You Gonna EAT That??"                 

"The LOOK"


Airedale Sculpture


"Get on Board"    "Waddle On"   " The Good Life"
 Dragons... of the Heart  "Dragon's Song"           "Spirit Dragon"

 Stoneware originals
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15581 Stewart Hill Rd
Union City, PA 16438
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